Photography Tips from BaDa Art LLC

Have fun trying out these photography tips!

BaDa Art Photo Tip #1 Tip #1: Sunny day photos

Anybody wishing for some sunshine on a rainy day like today? But we have such harsh shadows, too strong contrast, and really bright hot spots on the face on a beautiful sunny day! What do we do???

Get your models in the shade! Under a tree, by a building, etc. Get them in the shade and get that even and softer tone!
Tip #2: Photographing children

We all love photographing our children. It can be like an addiction. I love photographing my little guy! In my "mother" world, every moment is like "kodak moment" :) You too, huh? :)

When photographing children, try to get down to their level. Their heads are already bigger proportionately than adults' heads, so from higher angle, their heads being the closest to the lens, they look even bigger compared to their bodies. When we get down to their level, their heads and bodies look right proportionately.

Then again, it's not a rule set in stone. Sometimes they look cute with their "ginormous" heads ;)
BaDa Art Photo Tip #2
Tip #3: But the higher angle still...

Last photo tip we talked about getting down to their level for the children to make them look more proportionate. But then again, for adults, we all know that a little high angle is very flattering for most (if not all...? I've never seen someone looks bad from higher angle) people. When you are slightly higher than the model, their bodies look smaller, chins thinner, eyes bigger. But then again, probably most of us are already taking higher angled selfies, aren't we? :)
BaDa Art Photo Tip #3
BaDa Art Photo Tip #4

Tip #4: Rule of Thirds

Have you heard of "Rule of Thirds"?

When you place your subject right in the middle of the picture like most people tend to do, the viewers' eyes go right to the subject and stay there. The picture is static and your eyes don't move around.

Divide the frame into thirds vertically and horizontally. See the four corners that the vertical and horizontal lines intersect? Try to hit one of those corners with your subject. Subtle shift, but it makes a whole lot more interesting photo visually.

Tip #5: Close Up

Don't be afraid to get close! It makes a whole lot more interesting photos with details that you don't see from photos from far away! Try it :) It's fun ;)
BaDa Art Photo Tip #5
Tip #6: Be quick!

Be quick with your camera! If you just try it and take a chance, then you have a chance that you will end up with a nice photo--woo hoo! But if you don't try it at all for whatever reason, then it's 100% that you don't get a photo. So why not try and take a chance?

I didn't have a good camera, I didn't have time to set up my frame and flash perfectly, etc...It's ok. This photo was taken just with Canon powershot, a point and shoot camera. Have any camera in your hand? Just take it and see what you end up with!

Good luck! :)
BaDa Art Photo Tip #6
BaDa Art Photo Tip #7 Tip #7: Frame your subject!

Find a way to frame your subject! See how the trees are "framing" the couple? It can be done with with trees, door frame, architectural components, etc. Make your subject stand out by framing them in the photo even before you frame the photo! :)

Tip #8: Say "SMARTIES!!!"

When it comes to photographing children, I believe in bribery! lol Most of the time, nice and easy way to get them happy and smiley (Not all the time :( but hey, worth the try ) and they are happy to say "Smarties~" if they don't want to say "cheese" :) Smarties are already in small pieces to treat them in small portions between shots and they don't stain lips or stuck in teeth, so they are a nice treat to give between shots :) Say "Smarties~" :D

BaDa Art Photo Tip #8
BaDa Art Photo Tip #9

Tip #9: Reflection

Reflections are a fun way to take unique photos! Glass, windows, ornaments, sun glasses, shiny metal, water, etc., anything that reflects! Go experiment. You'd be surprised how many things reflect around you!

Try not to show your camera in the reflection--you may have to play with the angle that you are shooting from or you might have to post edit if you have a editing software.

BaDa means "ocean" in Korean